Working for more than 50 years in the field of furnishing and contemporary interior design, Mobilnovo offers a big range of services to the most heterogeneous clients, consisting of individuals, architects and businesses. Thanks to an efficient and capillary logistic network, the quality of Mobilnovo’s products and services knows no boundaries. Mobilnovo offers a custom service, and will assist you during the entire process until the final delivery, with subsequent installation. Mobilnovo guarantees a worldwide transport service of any type, by air, by sea and by land. All this in order to provide you with the utmost professionalism, safety and personal attention, because your every need is our own. To have more informations on purchases (PDF) Mobilnovo offers:  

several showrooms with a wide selection of design products (furniture, lighting, objects), always updated to the latest design trend


Specialized personnel will assist you in the design of the spaces, interior projects and the choice of furnishings, accessories, lighting and decorations


Wedding list service

  • Delivery, installation and after-sales service.
  “Linda Romano Architectural firm” consultancy for complex project

professional management of every project, in Italy and abroad

  • private access for the insiders, to our library, with technical data, images, technical documentation, dwg blocks;